gold does commissions :D

status !

STATUS open!!

one commission = one slot ; if someone commissions 3 things, that’s 1 slot !

ordering and pricing !

contact me via discord @goldstargloww#8020 to commission!

here’s a template for ordering info - you don’t need to use this template, but if you’re stuck, here’s a template!



type of commission:

character amount:



NOTE: the following is per character!

character name:

character description: NOTE: you can explain this character however! words, vibes they give off, aesthetics, videos, etc!

character reference: NOTE: descriptions are acceptable as opposed to pictures, but images are easier!

payment is through paypal or stripe!

examples and prices !


·⊹⊱— 「 basics 」 —⊰⊹·

commissioning me means you have read this TOS and agree to it - if not, i won’t give you the art i’ve made

i have the right to decline any commission at any time for any reason

i won’t accept commissions with deadlines unless further discussed

i experiment with my style often! if there’s any specific elements you’d like, please let me know

·⊹⊱— 「 do’s and dont’s」 —⊰⊹·

✅ humanoids (including anthro)

✅ fanart for media i’m familiar with (ask!)

✅ cats

✅ gore

✅ generally triggering things

❔ other creatures/beings

❔ fanart for media i’m not familiar with

❔ art of real people i don’t know

❔ anything not listed here

❌ nsfw

❌ sexual implications

❌ nudity or partial nudity

❌ offensive stuff (ask if not sure)

·⊹⊱— 「 payment and stuff 」 —⊰⊹·

don’t send payment until the commission is approved

payment will take place 50% before starting, and 50% halfway through

as of now, only paypal is accepted - i’m working on other payment methods!

no refunds - you’ll be charged for the work i’ve done

if cancelled for any reason, i’ll still charged based on what i’ve finished

·⊹⊱— 「 copyright and use of artwork 」 —⊰⊹·

i have the rights to post the commissioned artwork, but i’ll ask you if you’d like it with a watermark or not posted at all (or without watermark)

please do credit me if you ever repost the commissioned art!

the commissioned art can be used for icons, emotes, wallpapers, [virtual] stickers, and more - if what you’d like to use it for isn’t listed here, ask me!

the commissioned art can’t be monetized or otherwise resold - this includes selling prints, [physical] stickers, NFTs, and more

edits and modifications of the commission aren’t allowed - if you’d like an edit, ask me to either do it for you or approve an edit you’ve made yourself

copying and tracing my art for any reasons other than personal ones are not allowed. personal use means never sharing copied/traced art with anyone

·⊹⊱— 「 contacts 」 —⊰⊹·

discord ;; goldstargloww#8020

tumblr (less reliable) ;; @goldstargloww